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Wes Krivanek with Irby Tool & Safety found us on line & asked for help upgrading their outdated lighting.  Their inspection regimen required better lighting which was accomplished by replacing the old metal halide fixtures with LED Linear HighBays.  The rebate check they received  from Georgia Power helped with the transition.

CBC Bank recently upgraded their indoor obsolete fluorescent lighting in Tifton to LED Panels, reducing their power usage on lighting by almost 60%.   As a Georgia Power commercial customer, they qualified for very nice rebate to help with the upgrade.

All Star Collision owner Jared Nowell wanted to improve his lighting for his technicians so he chose LED Linear High Bays to replace the older Metal Halide fixtures
He also received a very nice rebate from Georgia Power for making the transition.

Local industry had over 200 High Pressure Sodium fixtures, each producing over 500 watts. They emitted an amber color light & produced heat temperatures of over 600 degrees.  Mounted at 25′, the average measured light levels were 25 foot candles at 3′ above the floor.

The account was able to save over 50% on power usage by replacing existing fixtures with 250 watt LED fixtures in 5000K, producing a perfect working environment.  The number of units required to produce the desired light levels was reduced by 15%.  The average operating temperature is 110 degrees.  Average measured light levels is 55 foot candles at 3′ above the floor.  Employee production & disposition has been greatly enhanced by the improved quality of light.


    • 28 ft gym ceiling height
    • (24) 400 watt metal halide lights
  • 11 foot candles measured at the center of the court

    •  28 ft gym ceiling height
    • (30) 250 watt Sonaray Delta High Bay Lights
  • 91 foot candles measured at the center of the court

  • Installed LED 2X2 Flat Panels
  • The new LED panels emit no UV light
  • The new LED panels contain no mercury
  • The new LED panels require no maintenance.

Lanier County Law Library & Judge’s Chamber

The older technology at the Lanier County Law Library & Judge’s Chambers a combination of various fixture designs using the old magnetic F40T12 Fluorescent tubes which were discontinued in 2009  Georgia Power rewarded them with a rebate for replacing the old fixtures with new maintenance free LED Flat Panels.  The new panel lights give them an even distribution of light and a significant savings on their power bill.

Lanier County Courtroom

With the help of a Georgia Power rebate, the Lanier County Board of Commissioners replaced all the old magnetic F40T12 Fluorescent lighting in the County Courtroom with LED Flat Panels, which require no maintenance.

First Federal Savings & Loan, Downtown Valdosta

StateLine Garage Doors

StateLine Garage Doors in Valdosta had two critical work stations that needed to be well lit for precise crafting of their products.  EnviroLight installed just the right illumination … in this case, 2 LED LowBay Luminaires did the job.  Located at 701 West Hill Avenue, StateLine Garage Doors is owned and operated by Jessica Jones, Lee Jones & Rick Zeigler.  They also specialize in Shower Doors, Fire Places, Closet Shelving, Mirrors, Screen Rooms and Window & Door Replacement.

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