Customer Testimonials

After much research regarding the replacement of the light fixtures in our test lab, I found EnviroLight, and was impressed with not only the photos of before and after
lighting installation, but also the comments made by their customers. I would like to add my comments as well. The test lab had the latest lighting fixtures
but it was never bright enough for my satisfaction. We lived with the darkness for several years and I began to notice that the lighting was affecting the
morale of our employees, not to mention that we used flashlights to see in the darker hidden spots where we could not see product numbers clearly. Since
the installation of the new lighting fixtures by Jean, Frank and their excellent crew of electricians, the change in morale and productivity has dramatically increased.
Every morning it is like walking into a sunshine filled building. I would strongly recommend this new lighting to anyone who is looking for a change.

Thank you EnviroLight Team!

Wes Krivanek
Operations Manager

For the past few years….. Frank with Envirolight has helped us with many lighting projects. We have made many upgrades with outstanding results. We have become more cost-efficient due to these upgrades and have more planned for the future. We gladly recommend Frank and Jean to anyone.

Walter Cowart
General Manager

I would like to thank Jean and Frank Johnson of Envirolight for all of their fine work and dedication. Envirolight has been very instrumental in helping us, not only upgrade our lighting systems, but reduce our overall operating cost. It is nice to work with someone you can trust.

Derreck Gibbs
Langdale Industries


Our experience with Envirolight has been excellent. Because of our hours of operation, they were only allowed to work on the lighting early in the morning or after 4:00 PM once the lobby had closed. Some nights, they worked until 7PM. Frank and Jeannie are a friendly and professional team with a support staff of the same caliber.

The new fixtures throughout have given our facility a facelift, providing a much cleaner look and brighter light. Also, within the first month of having most of our new fixtures installed, our power bill took a significant drop just like they had promised. I absolutely recommend using Envirolight!


Frank & Jean Johnson have provided exceptional customer service and high quality lighting products for our facility for many years. They go the extra mile to assure the right product is selected for the application at the best price. They have played a key role in demonstrating and implementing LED lighting throughout our facility which will net us an annual energy savings of over $12K.

Craig Lucas
Saft America Inc.


First Federal has been pleased with the lighting products provided by Envirolight and has used them for over 12 years. The brightness and clarity have improved the quality of light in each of our branches. I highly recommend Envirolight to anyone.

Doug Rayford, VP/CFO


We have been using Envirolight bulbs and products for over 10 years. I have always been pleased with the service, pricing, and timeliness given by Frank Johnson.

Evan Miller
Pleats & Creases

Envirolights are the best lights in the work place or at home. It removes that yellow haze that you don’t even realize is there until the white light of Envirolights takes its place. But the brightness of the lights can’t compare to the dedication and superior work of Frank and Jean Johnson. They represent the true meaning of standing behind their product. I would highly recommend Envirolight.

Nina L McMillan
Revenue Collection Administrator
Finance Department
City of Valdosta

As a salon owner of 25 years, I had struggled with finding the proper lighting for cutting & coloring our clients hair. Frank & Jean installed their lights throughout my salon in 2014 and the lighting is just what I wanted & needed!! Envirolighting is both efficient & economical for business & home. I highly recommend Envirolight to all my friends!!

Polly Douglass
The Hair Studio

Stevens & Keesling, P.C. uses Envirolight, LLC for all its lighting needs. We have been a loyal customers for over 15 years. Frank and Jean Johnson’s knowledge of the lighting industry and the quality products they install help create a professional and satisfying environment for our clients and employees.

Joseph G. Stevens, CPA
Stevens & Keesling, P.C.

EnviroLight has been a great addition to our company. They are professional and knowledgeable about their products. We had them change out the lights in my office and I no longer have to strain to look at documents, small computer parts or many of the other items I would have to under the older lighting. I recommend having EnviroLight come by and speak with you about your company’s lighting needs.

Robert M. Elworthy
Assistant Director of I.T.
Langdale Industries